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Proscenic 790T Robotic Vacuum Cleane Review

by admin    2018/07/24

Proscenic 790T is a golden robotic vacuum cleaner, which has a a suction mechanism and a water tank for moping the floor. Water tank, strong suction and WiFi connectivity make it one of the best mid range robotic vacuum cleaners available.

Proscenic 790T robotic vacuum cleaner review

The first thing you’ll notice about Proscenic 790T is the glamorous look of it. It’s golden like Jisiwei i3 robotic vacuum cleaner. That said, it’s not all show and no go. Quite the opposite – Proscenic 790T is very capable robotic vacuum cleaner.

Proscenic 790T has an impressive suction power for a mid range robotic vacuum cleaner – 1200 pA. It might not be as powerful as Xiaomi Mi, but has several other advantages. The biggest of these must be the option to mop the floor in addition to vacuuming it.

The mopping feature of many vacuum cleaners is nothing more than a microfiber cloth, which you can moisten. That’s pretty much pointless really. The robot can cover very small are before you need to moisten the cloth again. To do that, you have to stop the robot, which ends up being more work than moping the floor manually. Proscenic 790T’s moping function is similar to dedicated floor mopping robots like iRobot Braava Jet 240 and Braava Jet 390T. It has a water tank which keeps the cloth moist for much longer. It can actually wash a larger area with a single tank than any iRobot’s Braava series robot. Unlike Braava robots you can simultaneously mop and vacuum the floor.

It’s important to note that the mopping function shares one kink with iRobot Braavas. You can only put clear water in the water tank. A cleaning solution can clog the mechanism. If you want to use a cleaning solution, simply apply it on the cloth or pour it on the floor. The robot will spread it out without damaging any of the systems.

1200 pA suction power is enough to to catch even the most stubborn dust and dirt particles. It’s strong enough to also pick up larger dirt pieces like seeds. Unlike Haier XShua, Proscenic 790T is strong enough to clean lower carpets. Proscenic 790T can cross obstacles up to 1.5 cm (0.6 “) high, which is more than enough to get on and off the carpets. It can also cross extension cord wires and doorways.

A lot of engineering hours has been spent on Proscenic 790T’s navigation. It uses ultrasound based radars to avoid walls and objects to robot can’t cross. It won’t just avoid the obstacles but covers the entire floorspace methodically. It uses a pipe like pattern to cover every square foot. It will even clean from under the furniture, which might be inaccessible with regular vacuum cleaner.

Side brushes extend out from both sides of the robot. Side brushes help it clean corners and edges, which would otherwise be inaccessible for a circular robot. They simply swipe the dust to suction vent under the robot. You won’t have to worry about staircases, balconies or terraces. Proscenic 790T has an advances cliff sensor, which prevents the robot from falling to its doom. You can safely operate it near potential falls; it won’t ever go over the edge.

There are three option for controlling your Proscenic 790T. The device has a touch screen, which lets you control most of the robot’s features. It also comes with a remote control. Remote has a screen, which makes scheduling cleanings easy. The most convenient way to control the robot is using the smartphone application. Proscenic 790T connects to your WiFi network, which lets to configure it no matter where you are. Having a mobile application is quite rare for mid range robotic vacuum cleaners. Many of the ones that that have application connect to it using Bluetooth, not WiFi. The range of Bluetooth is a about 10 meters (~33 ft). A bluetooth connected application is essentially nothing more than a replica of the remote control in your phone. A Wifi based connection provides much more value; you can reconfigure your robot from work or even on vacation.

The application is far prom perfect. It’s the best option for scheduling cleanings, but it doesn’t work well for driving the robot. The robot reacts to every button press with delay, if you even understand the controls. The in-app controls for driving the robot are super confusing. Unlike the application, Proscenic 790T reacts instantly to commands from the remote control. Sadly that’s not perfect either. You can only drive the robot around with suction mechanism disables. You won’t be able to control the robot while cleaning. That’s a minor complain though. The automatic cleaning is so good you probably won’t ever have to drive the robot manually

The beauty of robotic vacuum cleaners is autonomy. You can schedule cleanings for when you are away from home. Proscenic 790T lets you schedule up to seven cleanings, which are repeated weekly. You probably want to schedule a cleaning for every day of the week when you are away from home. This way you won’t have to do anything but clean the dust bin after every few days. The dust bin has decent capacity – 0.5 litres (17 oz), but Proscenic 790T is so effective it will fill the bin fast.

Emptying the dust bin is simple and hygienic. You can access it by lifting the robot’s top lead. With lead open, you can remove the dust bin using a special handle. It opens from the side, which lets you clean it without ever coming into contact with the dust inside. Dust bin also has a high quality HEPA filter, which will catch even the smallest of particles. Changing the filter is as easy as emptying the dust bin – anyone can do it. You should change the filter every few months, depending on how often you use use robot. One spare filter is included with the robot. You can buy more from Amazon. That’s not a Proscenic 790T specific kink. Almost all robotic vacuum cleaners have a filter, which needs to be changed as often. Proscenic 790T just makes the process easier than most competitors.

A small brush is attached to the dust bin. This helps you scrape all the dust off the bin. It’s a small thing, but it’s nice to see the manufacturer has thought of such fine details.

Proscenic 790T returns to the charging station automatically if the battery start running low. It also goes back home when the room is cleaned. One charge give it about 2 hours of cleaning time, which depends on the surface. It will work for significantly longer on hard floors than on carpets, which require more energy. Charging the battery takes up to five hours. You can charge it a bit faster by connecting the robot directly to the mains. That takes a way the autonomy, but gives you a faster charge if needed. Older Roomba robots (iRobot Roomba 650 for example) often get lost looking for the charging station. Most other competitors require several meters of free space to each side of the charging station. This means you can’t place it in the corner or other tight spots. Proscenic 790T is much smarter. It will always find the charging station and doesn’t require huge space to each side of the charging station.

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