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Proscenic P8 Review: A More Refined Dibea C17?

by admin    2018/07/24
Over the past months, I’ve been busy talking about Dyson-cordless-clones such as the Dibea C17 and C6, Hoover React, Shark ION Rocket, etc.
Here’s another one, this time from Procenic P8. What makes this 2-in-1 stick vacuum stand out?
Before I answer, what I like to do with Dyson-clones is to group them. What I mean by a Dyson-clone is it has the same design – top-heavy with interchangeable tools and a removable wand.
The first tier would be big brands such as the Hoover Fusion, Shark IONFlex and the likes. These brands are cheaper than the Dyson V8 still costs more than $170.
Next tier are the cheaper options with pretty good quality that cost below $170. These include brands like Dibea, Rollibot and Proscenic.
In this review, we’ll be talking about the Proscenic P8 cordless 2-in-1 stick vacuum. In terms of features and looks, it is almost similar to the Dibea C17 but with better tools and overall refinement.

Tools included

Aside from the main cleaning head, you’ll also get a flexible soft dusting brush, a combo crevice/brush tool and multi-angled stiff brush tool great cleaning pet hair off upholstery.
All these tools are great for cleaning different parts of your home. The main cleaning head obviously is great for cleaning floors – both carpet and bare floor.
Round bristle tool works great for cleaning small areas like bookshelves or keyboards.
Narrow combination (crevice and brush) works great on narrow areas between sofa cushions or in-between car seats.
Stiff bristle tool is handy when cleaning pet hair on fabric.
Proscenic also comes with a bracket where you can store tools and a wall mount to store the vacuum.

Easy to Empty Dust Bin

Like all 2-in-1 vacuums with the Dyson cordless blueprint, this vacuum’s bin has a trap door design that opens at the bottom. It is designed with the idea of dirt just falling off through gravity when you open it.
What I like about the Proscenic design is that baffle in the middle of the bin that keeps dirt at the bottom. Unlike the Dyson where dust seeps through the filter area, Proscenic does not seem to have these issues.

Removable Battery

One feature I like is the removable battery giving you the option to replace it if it goes bad.
You can also buy an extra battery if you need to extend the run time but the battery has to be plugged in the vacuum for it to charge.
Only the Shark ION Rocket allows you to charge the battery on the vacuum or of it.

Washable & Recyclable Bin and Body

Proscenic says that the vacuum body (except the motor – where the trigger is) and bin are washable. This makes it easy to deep clean these parts if you need to. But make sure that these are full dry before charging it.


This versatile vacuum comes with a 12-month warranty.

To Wrap It Up

The Proscenic P8 is a great tool to have if you need a versatile cleaner that can clean high traffic areas.
You won’t need to spend as much on a Dyson or even a Shark but performance is decent enough in homes without high pile carpet.
Suction is decent enough to clean surface dirt on carpet and on bare floor it’s more than enough.
Overall this is a versatile enough product with enough tools to every part of your home and inside the vehicle.

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